Howdy! My name is Lacy Lain. I am a Texan living in Florida. I love Jesus and I hope you know He loves YOU! I am a mom to 3 little ones (currently 4, 4 & 6) and married to my absolute best friend in the entire world. He is a gift! I’m a stay at home, homeschooling mom and I couldn’t be more thankful!

About 6 years ago my husband was diagnosed with leukemia (the first time) when my oldest daughter was 4 months old and it changed our lives. We completely changed our diets, went vegan and decided to rid his body of the chemo they pumped in him as quickly as possible.

Fast forward 3 years and 2 more kids he was diagnosed for the second time with leukemia. They did more chemo and then he underwent a stem cell transplant. By the grace of God he is doing wonderful and continuing to serve the Lord in all he is called to do.

During the time that he was getting the stem cell transplant I also was having some health issues (menstruating for nearly 6 months straight!) it was weird and my anemia got severe enough to need multiple iron transfusions that resulted in an anaphylactic reaction and a lot of hormonal issues.

To say the least we have had our fair share of health issues, including one of our children being autistic (btw she is the coolest!). This led me to some serious prayer about taking medications, diet changes, lifestyle changes, all of the above and as I prayed it became clear that I needed to go back to school, because while google and blogs are great resources, I needed something trustworthy and reliable to lean into as far as nutrition goes.

I have loved figuring out how to get all our family’s nutrition needs met through different recipes and food combinations, but I wanted some legit education to go off of. So after more research than I ever cared to do I landed on Functional Medicine Coaching Academy to become a health coach and The National Association for Fitness Certification to be a nutrition coach.

Meal Planning has become a passion of mine as we have navigated changing diets and health concerns, along with being a mom of at one point 3 in diapers. As a busy mom I needed something to feel simplified and streamlined with a system in place and that’s where I started the bulk of the meal prep course. I had to make something easier for myself and for my sanity because #mombrain is a real thing. And now I want to make it easier for you too!