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What is a Morning Basket & How to Use One to Create a Great Start to Your Homeschool Day

What is a Morning Basket & How to Use One to Create a Great Start to Your Homeschool Day: Morning Baskets have been used for quite some time now. I would argue that without actually calling it a “Morning Basket” people from pioneer times had the same essential routine. These days we like to give things cute names. Traditionally these are used to help aid in creating simple morning routine and love of education. They are extremely beneficial and if used the proper way can make a great start to your homeschool day.

So, what exactly is a morning basket? For some people it is a fluid basket of ever changing literature, games, educational resources, bible study, etc. For other people it is a very firm to-do list of morning devotional and study time. In our house I am not sure there is anything that goes into the “firm” category. It is definitely a fluid basket for us.

How to use it? Well, this depends on the mom you are talking to, but I think the majority of us would tell you it is used similarly to a morning circle time. You just use what’s in the basket for your morning circle time with your kids. It’s so much simpler than lots of mom blogs make it out to be. Some have very strict guidelines of having to get everything accomplished inside the basket each day, but in my house (with two 2-year olds) we do what we can and occasionally come back to it in the afternoon. I have read where some families use it as an afternoon basket and that would work too!

I like to start it in the morning. It gives my kids structure right off the bat. If you are a new reader and don’t know how I feel about structure, routines, and schedules for kids, let me just say this: they are crucial for kids! Okay, I won’t get on my soapbox about that. But morning baskets help to create a smooth morning transition for us from breakfast and getting ready to the rest of our day. I like it because after my kids get dressed they don’t start running all over the house looking for and deciding what they are going to get into that day (hello toddler life).

Because I have been asked this before and pretty much anytime I talk to friends and family about morning baskets, here is how I keep my basket organized and what I put in it:

I first don’t just put random things in it. I actually put a lot of thought and effort into ours because my oldest is in Pre-K (yes, Homeschool Pre-K). I keep this list in my basket so that as I pack it I am not trying to remember every single time what to put in it. #mombrain (It’s a real thing, y’all!)

  1. Bible
  2. Memory Verse Card
  3. Weekly Poem (Pictures if available)
  4. Flashcards
  5. Books
  6. Toddler Toys
  7. Lesson Pictures and Visual Resources
  8. Letter of the Week (Shapes, Colors, Numbers)
  9. Puppet for Reading (my kids love puppet reading)
  10. Musical Instruments or CD (I rotate these and some days we don’t get them out)
  11. Today Is: Folder (Days of the Week, Weather, Month, etc.) We also discuss any big plans for the day or week at this time. I find that when my 4-year is informed of what we are doing we incur much fewer meltdowns in times of change during the week.

I am working on a post of all the resources (including my own curriculum and free printables that I wrote and have tweaked since teaching) and will link that when I get it finished. I want it to be a very thorough and useful post for you so it is taking a little time getting it up. Thank you for being patient as I attempt to fit everything we do and I know about homeschooling into as few and as helpful of blog posts as I can. It’s proven to be more of a challenge than I thought.

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