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Our Daily Homeschool Schedule

Our Daily Homeschool Schedule

Before I start this post here’s what you need to know:

All of us are different! What works for us, might not be what’s best for your family, so please keep that in mind as you read. Also note that I am only technically “schooling” one of my children and the other two are too young, but I still incorporate learning activities in their day as well and will continue to schedule our homeschool days in the same manner when they are doing school work that I have to report into the state about.

Also, if you don’t already know here is a little background on us. I am a former Pre-K and Musical Theater teacher. I enjoyed teaching and once my kids are grown would love to possible go back (although my retirement plan is to volunteer at a hospital in a NICU and rock sweet babies until I die because who doesn’t love to snuggle sweet little tinies?). Anyway, I loved teaching and did several things in my classroom that I will not do with my own kids. I have had a Charlotte Mason and an unschooling revelation in the past year or so and I love the slow approach. I will still be using my curriculum though.

So, on to our schedule. Obviously I run this blog and Lain Learning so I have to build that into my day as well. I find that if my kids have had my attention for the majority of the day then, when I need to get some work done during their free time they actually leave me alone and play with their toys. I don’t keep them from their toys necessarily, but having them do other things throughout the day and keeping everyone doing something makes them look forward to free play time.

I want you to keep in mind that when I say keep them doing something I don’t mean we sit and do worksheets all day long. I mean we do activities and read and lots of those activities involve toys, but when it’s toys I pick the vs. toys they pick it makes a world of difference.

Our Daily Homeschool Schedule

7:30 am My oldest wakes up first and she has come in our room and snuggled with my until my husband gets out of the shower and then we all get up and get going. Now that we are doing school and I feel like she is old enough to have a quiet time, she will be having quiet time. Also, I say 7:30 on here but she wakes up around 6 every single day! My in-laws got her one of the color changing clocks for her birthday and it has been a game changer. She isn’t allowed to come out of her room until it turns yellow and I LOVE it! My younger two sleep until about 8, but sometimes I have to go get them up for breakfast.

8:30 am as soon as the kids are done eating, we do a Breakfast Book at the table. We started this when they were little (like babies I think my youngest was around 8 months old). We literally just call it “Breakfast Books.” So creative, I know! Ha! You can read more here about Breakfast Books and how it has morphed into something special since we first started it.

9 am we get dressed, brush teeth and hair and get ready for the day.

9:30 am is when we move over to our library (not an actual library I thrifted an entertainment centers and had an old hutch from my husband’s grandma that I turned into our “book shelves” and we call what was designed to be a “sitting room” into our library. A dream of mine since I was little! In our library time we do our Morning Basket Time. You can read about what all I put in our Morning Basket here.

10:30 am We play together! This is similar to Free Play because I don’t schedule anything. We go either into one of the kids’ rooms or our sunroom and play with something. Today it was a beach ball and a school bus. I join them in playing. I think it is so important that we play with them and not just allow them to play or have to play to get out of our hair. I don’t say that in a condemning way. I was totally guilty of this and occasionally I still would like them to play without being in my hair (#freeplaytime) BUT I have learned that we are all happier and our day runs smoother if I will sit and play with them. I enjoy getting to know them as they open up and use their imaginations and they get the attention they crave from me. By the time we make it to our free play time they are sick of me and ready to be left alone to play (left alone does not mean be unsupervised). If you don’t already do this I challenge you to. It has made a world of difference in our home.

11 am Outside or if it’s raining (we are currently in rainy season) then I let them watch a show on RightNow Media if you are interested in getting an account, speak with someone at your local church to see if they have an account. I also sometimes turn on an educational show on Netflix. But I don’t pick anything over 25 minutes. If we go outside we usually stay until lunch and then I put a short 10-15 minute show on while I quickly get lunch on the table. If they have already been watching a show then I have them come in the kitchen with me and play with the tupperware or cans. They love to stack cans. Or I bring the Legos in the kitchen. I have started teaching the girls how to help me set the table, so the TV doesn’t actually get watched some days.

12:15-30ish pm Eat Lunch and Clean Up Together. This is something I am working very hard at. My two year olds take their bowls/plates/utensils to the kitchen sink themselves, as well as my 4-year old. And then my four year old clears the rest of the table while I wash the dishes.

1:15 Nap Time and Quiet Time: This looks different some days. My oldest only has to stay in her room for Quiet Time for an hour and 15 mins (we use her clock for this too!). I say only because the younger two sleep longer than that most days. I schedule 2 hours for this and if they sleep longer I LET THEM! If not, I cry. Just kidding… kind of. I use this time to write a blog post, clean/fold laundry, and get out the afternoon school stuff.

3:30 I get snack stuff out and give everyone a snack. I used to do a morning snack too, but my kids weren’t eating their lunch and I was getting frustrated. So, we only do an afternoon snack at this point.

3:35 Afternoon School. Once everyone has a snack in their laps we start afternoon school, also known as hands-on activities. I don’t know about you but that time between afternoon naps and dinner time can be daunting. We have had days where all three of mine just whine and cry until dinner after snacks. It’s as if they wake up in a funk and can’t get out of it. Which now means that I try to occupy them with fun activities (and physical activity like running outside playing tag so that they will sleep good because #mommalovessleep).

4:45 We start to wind down. I start getting everything out for dinner (on quick dinner nights we play and do afternoon school a little bit longer because it doesn’t take hardly any time to get dinner on the table). Other nights it takes at least 30 mins or more so bring a basket of random toys into the kitchen and have them “help” me get dinner ready or “let them wash dishes” aka play in the sink with the water and dish soap.

5:30 DINNER!

6:00 (ish) This is about the time we get done, give or take a little bit. Baths!

6:30 Play time in the living room while we wind down and listen to music

7:00 Bed

7:15 Bed for my oldest. Between 7-7:15 We read “her” Bible (Jesus Storybook Bible which is my personal favorite! Instead of the Beginner Bible for Toddlers that she so lovingly refers to as the “Baby Bible.”

This is about it. We don’t have this same schedule on the weekends. We just play and have fun. Nap time, meal times and bed times stay the same though. Just no official “school time” for us.

I hope this was useful for you or maybe you are like me and just enjoy reading how other people spend their days. Either way I hope you enjoyed the peek inside our daily homeschool schedule.

Blessings to your and your family,


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