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How To Create a Homeschool Preschool Schedule + Daily Routines Ideas

How To Create a Homeschool Preschool Schedule + Daily Routines Ideas | Lacy Lain

We started Preschool last year with my, then 3-year old. It was interrupted by life and by her two younger siblings, but it was fun and I enjoyed it so much. But if you have been here for a while you know our school year got cut short. My husband was diagnosed with a relapse of leukemia and we spent 2+ months in the hospital and 2+ more months living within 15 minutes of the hospital after he had his last two rounds of chemo and a stem cell transplant.

Our year got turned upside down and thankfully we were only at the preschool stage in our homeschool journey (and I do not believe it is necessary to have a rigorous preschool for our kids). With that said, I do like to have structure and a routine for my kids so when the time came for my 3 year old to want to start doing school like some of her older friends the pre-k teacher in me was thrilled.

I believe that we can informally teach our kids a preschool curriculum and not have a rigid workload for them to have to do. Since I also had a 2-year old and a 1-year old at the time having a schedule was crucial. And even if you don’t have three kids 3 and under I still believe that kids thrive in a structured environment that promotes life long learning.

How To Create a Homeschool Preschool Schedule + Daily Routines Ideas | Lain Learning | Homeschool Planning

How To Create a Homeschool Preschool Schedule + Daily Routines Ideas

How to create a Homeschool Preschool Schedule

This is not just for preschool, you should be doing this at every age, but here is how I schedule ours. Please keep in mind that this is how I do it and there are many other methods of preparing a schedule for homeschooling your kids. This is the way I have come to do it after over-complicating it in the past (even in my classroom I was guilty of this from time to time). So now I try to keep it as simple as possible.

  1. Write down and brain dump ALL THE THINGS: List out the things you want to cover in your curriculum. List the things you want to do that are extracurricular. List out the holidays you want to take off and any trips or family things that you want to leave open for easy or no-school days. Write it all out. Anything you can think of.
  2. Do your research. Find a curriculum that works for you. I have written a curriculum and I still like to supplement every once in a while because it keeps things fresh for my child and a different perspective is a good thing.
  3. Make A Decision on Number of Days. Once you have completed the first two steps it is now time to make your schedule. I like to do school 4 days a week. I know there are a lot of families that do just 3 days a week and some do everyday unschooling. BUT I like to do it on days my husband works so that I have a routine with the kids when it’s just me and when he is home we can spend time as a family. You need to decide how many days you will “do school”.
  4. Decided how you will do curriculum. For example, Math and Science on Tuesday and Thursday and Language Arts and Reading on Monday and Wednesday. OR will you do all subjects every single day. There is no right or wrong answer as to how to do this. That is part of the beauty of homeschool. You get to decide! You might even get into the school year just a little bit and find that you want to change this up. Whatever you do just make sure you give your kids enough time to adjust and get familiar with it before you change it 5 times and stress them out because they are craving structure and order and change (while sometimes necessary can also be very hard on them if not done properly… let’s be real, it’s hard on adults too).
  5. Make the Schedule. I like to take a blank calendar and my Lain Learning Planning Sheet and write everything out. I start with my calendar and make sure all the things from my brain dump are on it. Doctors appointments to vacations. EVERYTHING! Then start at week one and fill in where everything should go.
  6. Create Your Routine. This is where the Daily Routine comes in. This is important for so many reasons. Have I already said that kids crave structure? Well, if you haven’t heard me yet, THEY DO! So, let’s give it to them and create an environment that they can learn and thrive in. Here is an example of our daily schedule form last year. This year probably won’t look much different. I try to break up school throughout the day. I want to create a life of learning for my kids and not a scheduled time where they think that learning takes place within the confines of a block of time. BUT I want it to be all throughout our day. I am careful to call our time “school time” and not “learning time” for this reason. I know I sound crazy, but it is a big deal to me.

I hope this was helpful to you. I know I love reading about other people’s homeschool philosophies and how they set up their homeschool (I guess that is the life long learner in me) but I am always wanting to better our homeschool too. I would love to connect with other homeschool moms. This homeschool thing gets me so excited and I could sit and drink coffee and talk about it with friends all day long. I know #nerdalert. Here’s my instagram and my pinterest. Come say hi!

How To Create a Homeschool Preschool Schedule + Daily Routines Ideas | Lain Learning | Homeschool Planning

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