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Our Daily Homeschool Schedule

Our Daily Homeschool Schedule

Before I start this post here’s what you need to know:

All of us are different! What works for us, might not be what’s best for your family, so please keep that in mind as you read. Also note that I am only technically “schooling” one of my children and the other two are too young, but I still incorporate learning activities in their day as well and will continue to schedule our homeschool days in the same manner when they are doing school work that I have to report into the state about.

Also, if you don’t already know here is a little background on us. I am a former Pre-K and Musical Theater teacher. I enjoyed teaching and once my kids are grown would love to possible go back (although my retirement plan is to volunteer at a hospital in a NICU and rock sweet babies until I die because who doesn’t love to snuggle sweet little tinies?). Anyway, I loved teaching and did several things in my classroom that I will not do with my own kids. I have had a Charlotte Mason and an unschooling revelation in the past year or so and I love the slow approach. I will still be using my curriculum though.

So, on to our schedule. Obviously I run this blog and Lain Learning so I have to build that into my day as well. I find that if my kids have had my attention for the majority of the day then, when I need to get some work done during their free time they actually leave me alone and play with their toys. I don’t keep them from their toys necessarily, but having them do other things throughout the day and keeping everyone doing something makes them look forward to free play time.

I want you to keep in mind that when I say keep them doing something I don’t mean we sit and do worksheets all day long. I mean we do activities and read and lots of those activities involve toys, but when it’s toys I pick the vs. toys they pick it makes a world of difference.

Our Daily Homeschool Schedule

7:30 am My oldest wakes up first and she has come in our room and snuggled with my until my husband gets out of the shower and then we all get up and get going. Now that we are doing school and I feel like she is old enough to have a quiet time, she will be having quiet time. Also, I say 7:30 on here but she wakes up around 6 every single day! My in-laws got her one of the color changing clocks for her birthday and it has been a game changer. She isn’t allowed to come out of her room until it turns yellow and I LOVE it! My younger two sleep until about 8, but sometimes I have to go get them up for breakfast.

8:30 am as soon as the kids are done eating, we do a Breakfast Book at the table. We started this when they were little (like babies I think my youngest was around 8 months old). We literally just call it “Breakfast Books.” So creative, I know! Ha! You can read more here about Breakfast Books and how it has morphed into something special since we first started it.

9 am we get dressed, brush teeth and hair and get ready for the day.

9:30 am is when we move over to our library (not an actual library I thrifted an entertainment centers and had an old hutch from my husband’s grandma that I turned into our “book shelves” and we call what was designed to be a “sitting room” into our library. A dream of mine since I was little! In our library time we do our Morning Basket Time. You can read about what all I put in our Morning Basket here.

10:30 am We play together! This is similar to Free Play because I don’t schedule anything. We go either into one of the kids’ rooms or our sunroom and play with something. Today it was a beach ball and a school bus. I join them in playing. I think it is so important that we play with them and not just allow them to play or have to play to get out of our hair. I don’t say that in a condemning way. I was totally guilty of this and occasionally I still would like them to play without being in my hair (#freeplaytime) BUT I have learned that we are all happier and our day runs smoother if I will sit and play with them. I enjoy getting to know them as they open up and use their imaginations and they get the attention they crave from me. By the time we make it to our free play time they are sick of me and ready to be left alone to play (left alone does not mean be unsupervised). If you don’t already do this I challenge you to. It has made a world of difference in our home.

11 am Outside or if it’s raining (we are currently in rainy season) then I let them watch a show on RightNow Media if you are interested in getting an account, speak with someone at your local church to see if they have an account. I also sometimes turn on an educational show on Netflix. But I don’t pick anything over 25 minutes. If we go outside we usually stay until lunch and then I put a short 10-15 minute show on while I quickly get lunch on the table. If they have already been watching a show then I have them come in the kitchen with me and play with the tupperware or cans. They love to stack cans. Or I bring the Legos in the kitchen. I have started teaching the girls how to help me set the table, so the TV doesn’t actually get watched some days.

12:15-30ish pm Eat Lunch and Clean Up Together. This is something I am working very hard at. My two year olds take their bowls/plates/utensils to the kitchen sink themselves, as well as my 4-year old. And then my four year old clears the rest of the table while I wash the dishes.

1:15 Nap Time and Quiet Time: This looks different some days. My oldest only has to stay in her room for Quiet Time for an hour and 15 mins (we use her clock for this too!). I say only because the younger two sleep longer than that most days. I schedule 2 hours for this and if they sleep longer I LET THEM! If not, I cry. Just kidding… kind of. I use this time to write a blog post, clean/fold laundry, and get out the afternoon school stuff.

3:30 I get snack stuff out and give everyone a snack. I used to do a morning snack too, but my kids weren’t eating their lunch and I was getting frustrated. So, we only do an afternoon snack at this point.

3:35 Afternoon School. Once everyone has a snack in their laps we start afternoon school, also known as hands-on activities. I don’t know about you but that time between afternoon naps and dinner time can be daunting. We have had days where all three of mine just whine and cry until dinner after snacks. It’s as if they wake up in a funk and can’t get out of it. Which now means that I try to occupy them with fun activities (and physical activity like running outside playing tag so that they will sleep good because #mommalovessleep).

4:45 We start to wind down. I start getting everything out for dinner (on quick dinner nights we play and do afternoon school a little bit longer because it doesn’t take hardly any time to get dinner on the table). Other nights it takes at least 30 mins or more so bring a basket of random toys into the kitchen and have them “help” me get dinner ready or “let them wash dishes” aka play in the sink with the water and dish soap.

5:30 DINNER!

6:00 (ish) This is about the time we get done, give or take a little bit. Baths!

6:30 Play time in the living room while we wind down and listen to music

7:00 Bed

7:15 Bed for my oldest. Between 7-7:15 We read “her” Bible (Jesus Storybook Bible which is my personal favorite! Instead of the Beginner Bible for Toddlers that she so lovingly refers to as the “Baby Bible.”

This is about it. We don’t have this same schedule on the weekends. We just play and have fun. Nap time, meal times and bed times stay the same though. Just no official “school time” for us.

I hope this was useful for you or maybe you are like me and just enjoy reading how other people spend their days. Either way I hope you enjoyed the peek inside our daily homeschool schedule.

Blessings to your and your family,


P.S. I attempt to use this blog to make a little extra income for our family. If you enjoyed this post or it was helpful in any way to you at all, please consider pinning one of the images in this post. I work very hard to make this a useful (&beautiful) resource for other women and I truly appreciate all of your help and support in making that happen. Thank you so much for being here!!!

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15 Toddler Task Box Activities to do at Home with Your Kids

15 toddler task box activities at home

I have said this so many times before, but I will say it again. Toddlers are the busiest bees around. I don’t care who you are, if you spent 2 hours in my house you would agree and you’d probably also need a nap. So, I have put together ## Toddler Task Box Ideas for you to use with your little one. I hope this is helpful!

We are homeschooling our 4-year old for Pre-Kindergarten this year and if you don’t already know I am a former Pre-K teacher so I am kind of pumped about this coming year. The difference in the classroom (besides having 26-28 kids at once) is that I also have two, 2-year olds and they need to be constantly entertained. I would say the TV would be a great option BUT I don’t actually believe that. I think a little bit of TV is good, but a little is all (and no judgement on moms that disagree)!

I say all of that to tell you that this year we will be making full use of our Toddler Task Boxes. They will be a great addition to our school time for the toddlers while my oldest does handwriting and other written activities. They will also be good for her, but they’ll keep the younger ones busy (and learning) while she is working. I am prepping my list things to do and I figured I would share them with you and hopefully it will make it a little bit easier for you to put them together with this running list.

15 Toddler Task Box Activities

  1. Hole Punched Thin Cardboard and Shoelaces
  2. Uncooked spaghetti and a strainer (here is one of my favorite kinds of strainers)
  3. Pipe Cleaners and a strainer
  4. Move cotton balls from one jar to another
  5. Color sort the Toys (here is a free printable for this activity)
  6. Play dough and Small Toys (these will be themed with the lessons my oldest is working on)
  7. Straws and spaghetti
  8. Straws and pipe cleaners
  9. Marshmallow and toothpicks
  10. Kenetic Sand and cookie cutters
  11. Cups, Spoons and Water (food coloring is also fun with this one)
  12. Legos (this is a great starter set. My mom got it for my kids and they love it! Also, Dollar Tree has the colored base plates. I don’t know if they work or not for regular Legos… I’ll find that out soon. BUT they have Lego packs similar to this one I linked. They are Dollar Tree quality, but for toddlers, it’s not too bad. My oldest (4-years) know the difference and prefers actual Legos).
  13. Board books (this isn’t an activity that requires many fine motor skills, but my kids love books, so this will be on my list, always)
  14. Beans, Cheerios, Spoon. (add a few cheerios to a bowl of dried beans and have them scoop all the cheerios out and, of course, eat them)
  15. Ziploc Bag and a Piece of Card Stock. I put all sorts of things like buttons, beans, pennies, etc. draw dots or x’s for them to move the items around on. It is so fun watching them try to get all the dots or x’s covered.

This is a starting point for us and I am sure it will be for you too. I would love to hear other ideas you have in the comments below. I love a good toddler task box activity.

Be blessed!


P.S. I attempt to use this blog to make a little extra income for our family. If you enjoyed this post or it was helpful in any way to you at all, please consider pinning one of the images in this post. I work very hard to make this a useful (&beautiful) resource for other women and I truly appreciate all of your help and support in making that happen. Thank you so much for being here!!!

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8 Montessori Toddler Activities for You to do at Home with Your Kids.

Do you get worn out by your kids constantly following you around? Standing at your feet whining for attention while your cooking because they seem bored with their toys? Feel like toys take over your house but your kids seem to be done after 5 minutes of playing with them? In this post I have 8 Montessori toddler activities for you to do at home with your kids.

Toddlers seem to be the busiest little bees around. I should know I have two 2-year olds and a 4-year old (that just turned 4!) none of them are even two years apart. I don’t say that for sympathy. We hoped and asked for our kids to be close together. I say that so that you know I have a little bit of experience under my belt and I’m not just shooting from the hip.

Before I tell you the activities I wanted to give you a glimpse into how I use them to my advantage and why. I was against a “toy rotation” for a long time. I just thought that meant we would have 7 times the toys in our house that we needed. However, I have learned with activities and games it works beautifully for us.

I schedule a time into our routine for structured activities. There are several reasons I did this, other than my sanity. It provides a structured environment for my kids and if you have read any of my other posts then you know how important I believe this is. It also gives me a chance to play with them without playing house or some other thing they do during free play in our house. I don’t know about you, but I struggle sometimes. Rolling a hot wheels car back and forth on the tracks 10 times is definitely not as fun for me as it is for my 2-year old son. BUT I do love sitting and helping them with crafts and cooking. Sometimes it seems like I am doing it more along side them rather than engaging with them, but nevertheless, it is quality time spent with them.

Side note: I am very careful to have my phone away from my reach and out of sight during structured activities. I want them to have my full attention. I have found that if I will give even 15 minutes a day to uninterrupted time with each of my kids, it makes for a much more pleasant day. ON ALL SIDES. I have learned how much I love actually spending time with my kids and not scrolling Pinterest. (Hello, my name is Lacy and I am addicted to Pinterest).


8 Montessori Toddler Activities for You to do at Home with Your Kids

  1. SENSORY ACTIVITIES: This can be so many things. I find that having a stash of things in the pantry that cost me next to nothing is helpful.
    • Small toys is a bucket of beans, rice, flour, or water
    • Play dough and cookie cutters or plastic cutlery (I literally rummage through their toys and just grab a few plastic ones for them to play with sometimes).
    • Bath time any time! I will sometimes put them all in the bath tub with some toys they aren’t used to bathing with, fill it up with bubbles) So simple and clean!
  2. GARDENING. This one sounds harder, but it’s not. You can get seeds so cheap and if you have any containers (even a cardboard box) you aren’t using or you would normally throw out, you can plant things with your kids. You don’t even have to plant things. Have them help you pick weeds. My kids love picking weeds! Give them some old forks or spoons from the kitchen and let them dig. This can be so simple.
  3. PAINTING. You don’t have to go to the store and buy anything to let them paint. You can make paints at home!!! It’s simple and easy and they might even enjoy helping you. I have a recipe right here for you. No paint brushes? Use sticks and string or grass. Paint with q-tips or cotton balls and clothes pins. This can also be so simple! I do have a shower curtain I bought at Dollar Tree over 2 years ago that I put down on the table or on the floor before they paint and it has held up really well and kept my floors from paint blobs.
  4. CRAFTS. This is the hardest of all, just because it takes some thought. Since I keep things like tape and glue on hand, we can turn an ordinary coloring page into a craft in minutes. I have done simple things like have them tare an old magazine to shreds (their favorite part) and then glue the strips onto a coloring page. I have had them glue all sorts of random things onto paper and they love it. This is where you can get creative.
  5. TASK BOX ACTIVITIES. This one also takes a little bit of forethought. I like to put things like string and hole-punched cardboard pieces for them to lace up. I like these to be things that build fine motor skills. Stringing beads is another one. I try to make them simple activities that require focus.
  6. SIDEWALK CHALK. Plain and simple! We like to draw things like the ocean, princess castles, candy houses, etc. then close our eyes and pretend to jump inside them. Then we spend a good bit of our time just pretending we are wherever we jumped into. It is one of my oldest daughters favorite things and I love to make believe fun stories with her.
  7. BAKING. We love making cookies! It’s an easy activity to do with my kids AND we have fun snacks for a few days. It is a win-win in my book.
  8. COOKING. My toddlers don’t actually help me cook just yet, but they love to be in the kitchen with me. They love to stack and put back and forth, in and out of my cabinets, the canned goods and they love to play with my mismatched food storage containers (yes, I should throw them out, but it’s a wonderful toy while I cook in this season of life). My oldest likes to stir and add ingredients to pots and pans for me. They all love to “wash dishes” while I do the actually cooking.

I hope these are helpful for you! I strive to write posts that are useful for other moms. One final note I would like to add is just to keep it simple! Structured Activities should make the time you spend with your kids fun and engaging. It’s my favorite thing to do with my kids. At this point, with my kids, things like painting and sidewalk chalk can be done without me, so if I need to order groceries or fold a load of clothes I can.

Blessings to you momma!


8 Montessori Toddler Activities to do at Home with Your Kids

P.S. I attempt to use this blog to make a little extra income for our family. If you enjoyed this post or it was helpful in any way to you at all, please consider pinning one of the images in this post. I work very hard to make this a useful (&beautiful) resource for other women and I truly appreciate all of your help and support in making that happen. Thank you so much for being here!!!

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What is a Morning Basket & How to Use One to Create a Great Start to Your Homeschool Day

What is a Morning Basket & How to Use One to Create a Great Start to Your Homeschool Day: Morning Baskets have been used for quite some time now. I would argue that without actually calling it a “Morning Basket” people from pioneer times had the same essential routine. These days we like to give things cute names. Traditionally these are used to help aid in creating simple morning routine and love of education. They are extremely beneficial and if used the proper way can make a great start to your homeschool day.

So, what exactly is a morning basket? For some people it is a fluid basket of ever changing literature, games, educational resources, bible study, etc. For other people it is a very firm to-do list of morning devotional and study time. In our house I am not sure there is anything that goes into the “firm” category. It is definitely a fluid basket for us.

How to use it? Well, this depends on the mom you are talking to, but I think the majority of us would tell you it is used similarly to a morning circle time. You just use what’s in the basket for your morning circle time with your kids. It’s so much simpler than lots of mom blogs make it out to be. Some have very strict guidelines of having to get everything accomplished inside the basket each day, but in my house (with two 2-year olds) we do what we can and occasionally come back to it in the afternoon. I have read where some families use it as an afternoon basket and that would work too!

I like to start it in the morning. It gives my kids structure right off the bat. If you are a new reader and don’t know how I feel about structure, routines, and schedules for kids, let me just say this: they are crucial for kids! Okay, I won’t get on my soapbox about that. But morning baskets help to create a smooth morning transition for us from breakfast and getting ready to the rest of our day. I like it because after my kids get dressed they don’t start running all over the house looking for and deciding what they are going to get into that day (hello toddler life).

Because I have been asked this before and pretty much anytime I talk to friends and family about morning baskets, here is how I keep my basket organized and what I put in it:

I first don’t just put random things in it. I actually put a lot of thought and effort into ours because my oldest is in Pre-K (yes, Homeschool Pre-K). I keep this list in my basket so that as I pack it I am not trying to remember every single time what to put in it. #mombrain (It’s a real thing, y’all!)

  1. Bible
  2. Memory Verse Card
  3. Weekly Poem (Pictures if available)
  4. Flashcards
  5. Books
  6. Toddler Toys
  7. Lesson Pictures and Visual Resources
  8. Letter of the Week (Shapes, Colors, Numbers)
  9. Puppet for Reading (my kids love puppet reading)
  10. Musical Instruments or CD (I rotate these and some days we don’t get them out)
  11. Today Is: Folder (Days of the Week, Weather, Month, etc.) We also discuss any big plans for the day or week at this time. I find that when my 4-year is informed of what we are doing we incur much fewer meltdowns in times of change during the week.

I am working on a post of all the resources (including my own curriculum and free printables that I wrote and have tweaked since teaching) and will link that when I get it finished. I want it to be a very thorough and useful post for you so it is taking a little time getting it up. Thank you for being patient as I attempt to fit everything we do and I know about homeschooling into as few and as helpful of blog posts as I can. It’s proven to be more of a challenge than I thought.

P.S. I attempt to use this blog to make a little extra income for our family. If you enjoyed this post or it was helpful in any way to you at all, please consider pinning one of the images in this post. I work very hard to make this a useful (&beautiful) resource for other women and I truly appreciate all of your help and support in making that happen. Thank you so much for being here!!!

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How To Create a Homeschool Preschool Schedule + Daily Routines Ideas

How To Create a Homeschool Preschool Schedule + Daily Routines Ideas | Lacy Lain

We started Preschool last year with my, then 3-year old. It was interrupted by life and by her two younger siblings, but it was fun and I enjoyed it so much. But if you have been here for a while you know our school year got cut short. My husband was diagnosed with a relapse of leukemia and we spent 2+ months in the hospital and 2+ more months living within 15 minutes of the hospital after he had his last two rounds of chemo and a stem cell transplant.

Our year got turned upside down and thankfully we were only at the preschool stage in our homeschool journey (and I do not believe it is necessary to have a rigorous preschool for our kids). With that said, I do like to have structure and a routine for my kids so when the time came for my 3 year old to want to start doing school like some of her older friends the pre-k teacher in me was thrilled.

I believe that we can informally teach our kids a preschool curriculum and not have a rigid workload for them to have to do. Since I also had a 2-year old and a 1-year old at the time having a schedule was crucial. And even if you don’t have three kids 3 and under I still believe that kids thrive in a structured environment that promotes life long learning.

How To Create a Homeschool Preschool Schedule + Daily Routines Ideas | Lain Learning | Homeschool Planning

How To Create a Homeschool Preschool Schedule + Daily Routines Ideas

How to create a Homeschool Preschool Schedule

This is not just for preschool, you should be doing this at every age, but here is how I schedule ours. Please keep in mind that this is how I do it and there are many other methods of preparing a schedule for homeschooling your kids. This is the way I have come to do it after over-complicating it in the past (even in my classroom I was guilty of this from time to time). So now I try to keep it as simple as possible.

  1. Write down and brain dump ALL THE THINGS: List out the things you want to cover in your curriculum. List the things you want to do that are extracurricular. List out the holidays you want to take off and any trips or family things that you want to leave open for easy or no-school days. Write it all out. Anything you can think of.
  2. Do your research. Find a curriculum that works for you. I have written a curriculum and I still like to supplement every once in a while because it keeps things fresh for my child and a different perspective is a good thing.
  3. Make A Decision on Number of Days. Once you have completed the first two steps it is now time to make your schedule. I like to do school 4 days a week. I know there are a lot of families that do just 3 days a week and some do everyday unschooling. BUT I like to do it on days my husband works so that I have a routine with the kids when it’s just me and when he is home we can spend time as a family. You need to decide how many days you will “do school”.
  4. Decided how you will do curriculum. For example, Math and Science on Tuesday and Thursday and Language Arts and Reading on Monday and Wednesday. OR will you do all subjects every single day. There is no right or wrong answer as to how to do this. That is part of the beauty of homeschool. You get to decide! You might even get into the school year just a little bit and find that you want to change this up. Whatever you do just make sure you give your kids enough time to adjust and get familiar with it before you change it 5 times and stress them out because they are craving structure and order and change (while sometimes necessary can also be very hard on them if not done properly… let’s be real, it’s hard on adults too).
  5. Make the Schedule. I like to take a blank calendar and my Lain Learning Planning Sheet and write everything out. I start with my calendar and make sure all the things from my brain dump are on it. Doctors appointments to vacations. EVERYTHING! Then start at week one and fill in where everything should go.
  6. Create Your Routine. This is where the Daily Routine comes in. This is important for so many reasons. Have I already said that kids crave structure? Well, if you haven’t heard me yet, THEY DO! So, let’s give it to them and create an environment that they can learn and thrive in. Here is an example of our daily schedule form last year. This year probably won’t look much different. I try to break up school throughout the day. I want to create a life of learning for my kids and not a scheduled time where they think that learning takes place within the confines of a block of time. BUT I want it to be all throughout our day. I am careful to call our time “school time” and not “learning time” for this reason. I know I sound crazy, but it is a big deal to me.

I hope this was helpful to you. I know I love reading about other people’s homeschool philosophies and how they set up their homeschool (I guess that is the life long learner in me) but I am always wanting to better our homeschool too. I would love to connect with other homeschool moms. This homeschool thing gets me so excited and I could sit and drink coffee and talk about it with friends all day long. I know #nerdalert. Here’s my instagram and my pinterest. Come say hi!

How To Create a Homeschool Preschool Schedule + Daily Routines Ideas | Lain Learning | Homeschool Planning

P.S. I attempt to use this blog to make a little extra income for our family. If you enjoyed this post or it was helpful in any way to you at all, please consider pinning one of the images in this post. I work very hard to make this a useful (&beautiful) resource for other women and I truly appreciate all of your help and support in making that happen. Thank you so much for being here!!!

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10 Reasons to Homeschool in 2020 (Covid-19 is Only One of Them)

10 Reasons to Homeschool in 2020 (Covid-19 is Only One of Them)

So, you are thinking about homeschooling? These days we all know lots of people are. The biggest shift in more people considering it is Covid-19. I don’t know about you, but I am just about sick of this stupid virus. Regardless, maybe you are the person that was already thinking about it and now that Covid is here you are most certainly going to homeschool.

I have wanted to homeschool since before I even had kids. I am a teacher’s kid that was a teacher’s kid. Both my parents were teachers and coaches and both sets of my grandparents were teachers/counselors/some sort of admin role in a school system. It’s been ingrained into me since I can remember. My absolute favorite thing to play at home was Teacher. It’s one of my fondest memories. I loved other toys too, but playing school was the best.

I say all of that so that you know where I am coming from. I come from a long line of teachers. I should want to teach in a public or private school and I have in the past BUT I have also seen the ins and outs of the school system and while the private sector is (in my opinion) much better at caring for the students needs. My choice to homeschool is not wavering. I have prayed so much about it because I do think my kids would love the social aspect of going to a school, but this is something I know I am called to.

10 Reasons to Homeschool in 2020

With all of that said, here are 10 reasons to homeschool in 2020 (Covid-19 is only one of them).

1. THE OBVIOUS COVID-19: Some of us are in positions where we are still quarantined because of various reasons and it’s actually a necessary choice for us. (For example: my husband had a stem cell transplant in December after his second diagnosis of leukemia and is still immune-suppressed so we really don’t have an option. My kids have actually been quarantined since December and just last week got to see other kids (their cousins) for the first time since then. EIGHT MONTHS!)

2. THE SCHOOL SYSTEM CAN’T MEET YOUR CHILD’S NEEDS: This is a controversial one, because most schools would argue that they can but in our case our daughter is being tested for autism in 2 days and while they can “make necessary arrangements” for her. I believe wholeheartedly that with the help of therapists and doctors, the one-on-one learning that she will get from me outweighs the “arrangements” that can be made for her at school.

3. YOUR CHILD HAS REALLY BEEN STRUGGLING: Teachers do the best they can, but let’s be honest… They have classrooms packed with kids. My last teaching job I only had 6 students and it was wonderful. However, the job I had before that I had 28 students at the peak of the year. TWENTY-EIGHT. It was the hardest teaching job I have had and the sad truth is that it’s not uncommon. It’s actually much more likely than a classroom of 6 or even 10. The one-on-one teaching could benefit your child dramatically.

4. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE FOREVER: This one piggy backs on the last one. There are many reasons to homeschool for a year or two or just elementary or just high-school. Whatever the case. It doesn’t have to be forever and you can make decisions year by year if that meets your child’s needs better. You aren’t locked into any school choice. Although, I do believe committing to something for the year is best, there are always circumstances that might lead you to change. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be forever.

5. YOU ACTUALLY ARE CAPABLE OF TEACHING YOUR KIDS: I have read so many times and talked with so many moms about them wanting to homeschool, but they feel like they can’t. We have bought the lie that unless you have a teaching degree and certification you must not be able to teach your kids. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Actually, I would say that teaching our kids has never been easier. We have more resources now than we ever have and with the wonderful world wide web, we can quite literally learn about ourselves and teach our kids whatever is required for graduating high-school (and some).

6. VIRTUAL LEARNING IS A THING NOW: When I was in school if you had to do virtual learning it was because you got suspended to many times or it was a horrible situation for you at school. It was looked at as a negative thing and it was a mess for a teacher to try and figure it all out. Well, it’s 2020 and that is no longer the case. People are choosing to do virtual school every single day. The beautiful thing about this is that you are not the primary teacher, but your kids are home with you and you can just be the moderator, so to speak. One of the coolest parts of this is that in a lot of areas this is free as a public school option.

7. HOMESCHOOL KIDS AREN’T ACTUALLY WEIRD. Well, let’s be honest, I would identify myself as a weird person so maybe I am not qualified to write this one, but it’s true. I can’t even tell you how many adults I have met that tell me they were homeschooled and I get excited because they don’t fit that old stereotype of “weird homeschool kid” Honestly, even if you or your kids are weird, you’d all be that way homeschool or public school. Homeschool doesn’t make them weird. I mean, there are weird kids at public schools too, right? Yes! There are! I vote that we all just celebrate our weirdness anyway.

8. YOU ARE CALLED TO IT: I believe that our schooling options should be prayed over and and then prayed over and then prayed over some more. I say this because I was one of those people that definitely wanted to homeschool and then once my daughter was born I felt like I wasn’t capable and started to change my mind. That was an insecurity and when the time came to make the decision my husband and I prayed about it and agreed (with a very real peace about it) that I would homeschool our kids. At least for now, and then we will continue to pray and evaluate where each kid is at as we go and make decisions each year. Again, we aren’t locked into anything.

9. YOU CAN ACTUALLY AFFORD IT: This is another one of those horrible rumors that goes around. “Homeschool curriculum is too expensive and we can’t afford to do it.” I am sorry to burst your bubble, but actually there are more free options now than there have ever been. I will be writing about those in the coming weeks. And for goodness sake, can we just say that if we didn’t spend money at Target every single time we went or if we’d give up a Starbucks every once in a while we actually could afford to budget for curriculum or curriculum resources. There is this myth that they are outrageously priced (and some are) but there are good quality ones that could fit into just about any budget. I would be willing to bet you could sell a few things on fb marketplace and make enough to completely pay for your kids’ curriculum if you chose to buy one. But just so you heard me a second ago… You don’t have to buy anything!

10. YOU WANT TO SPEND TIME WITH YOUR KIDS: I fit into this category, for sure! I am an introvert and I like my alone time, don’t get me wrong. But I really do love spending time with my kids. I want to build strong bonds with them and I want to be the influence in their lives (although some days I have to ask God’s grace and mercy because being the mom of two 2-year-olds and a 4-year old is hard and I lose my mind sometimes). Nevertheless, I love being with them and I absolutely love watching as they learn new things. My kids are all very expressive and when things click in their little minds I can almost see it happening by their body language.

Okay, I said 10, but actually I have 11…

11. YOUR SCHEDULE, NOT THE GOVERNMENTS: When I plan out our school year I make sure and plan out the breaks I want to take. I take all public school holidays into consideration and then I also plan our family vacation, a kindness week, and a rest week. The rest week is for my kids to stop everything and just be still. I think it is so important. I know that some people are wired different than I am, but I am one of those people that can not function without some still, quiet, alone time. This is a week that we will focus on resting in Jesus and being still before Him. No matter what you want to plan to take off, you can. And in emergencies (like a husband having a second diagnosis of cancer and having to spend 2+ months in the hospital, homeschool can be paused or rearranged).

What are your reasons for homeschooling? Or reasons that you are considering it? I would love to know!

Happy Decision Making!

Lacy Lain

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