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We Bought an RV: Check Out the Before Pictures

We Bought an RV: Check Out the Before Pictures

Lacy Lain We Bought an RV Don't miss the Before/After Pictures


Well, we are officially those crazy RV people. For me, it’s really not too surprising because growing up in a house with my dad always meant road trips and RV/bus renovations were going on in some capacity. But Caleb was the surprising one to me. I honestly never thought he would go for it.

But in the recent years of our life (if you have been here you already know this) if not, we have had our world turned upside down. He was diagnosed with leukemia the first time when our now 4-year old was 4 1/2 months old and had a relapse last year which led to two more rounds of the most potent chemotherapy that doctors will give a person followed by a stem cell transplant.

Then Covid-19 hit. Our family had already been quarantined because of his immune system after the transplant and the week we got home and thought we would have a little bit more freedom the world seemed to go into a panic quarantine too. It was HARD and if I am being honest it still is. I see friends and family living life on social media like it’s no big deal and here I am sanitizing every single thing we bring in our home.

Then we start talking vacation. And let’s be real… I think we need one. But sadly, reality doesn’t go away even talking about vacation. It actually hits a little harder because we would like to visit family and their version of quarantine seems very different than what ours has to be. So, how do we see them but also stay safe with his compromised immune system and our two kids with asthma?

I guess we buy an RV and only hangout with family 6 feet apart, outside and making the most of it.

If you are curious I am going to do a minor renovation (like super cheap but big impact) and I am going to share all the details. Including costs. For starters, it is a class c motorhome and it wasn’t the best deal ever but we were in a time crunch and it was a very decent deal. And with renovating it some I think it will end up being an awesome deal in the long run. My goal is to spend less than $350 on it, but we shall see.

I also have a goal of creating an RV series on my blog (I have traveled RV style many years as a kid and now as an adult, I think I do have some fun tips on storage and decor, etc.) I also thought about interviewing my dad who has driven them for a little over 40 years now and has a new to him (used) bus that he redid mostly by himself. And I am kind of jealous.

I will soon be sharing about our very first trip (where we had 2 blowouts and another flat tire we caught just before a 3rd blowout, our generator kept going out while driving and still had a great trip). Until then I hope you are having an awesome week!

Here are some pictures of what it looked like when we bought it. I already painted the kitchen and can’t wait to do more.

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